Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A security vulnerability affecting 99% of Android devices

The security problem affecting 99% of Android devices has been fixed by Google. And now it's up to manufacturers to deploy the update.

Last week, the security editor Bluebox revealed a security flaw affecting 99% of Android devices and indeed relevant terminals in circulation for four years, since the 1.6 version of Android, or about 900 million devices. This flaw allows a malicious user to modify the installation file an application without changing the signature and insert malware.

"The company has not seen any evidence to support use of the fault on Google Play or other app stores through (their) security scanning tools."  
According to Google's communications manager Gina Scigliano.

Anyway Google confirmed that hey have corrected this vulnerability and sent the patch to its partners.On Samsung, for example, it would already be deployed. Other OEMs task provide a quick update, including the oldest terminals.

Source: ZDnet

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