Friday, December 20, 2013

A Hacker proved that he could activate the camera of a MacBook without warning the user

Once again the Apple MacBook is the source of a privacy problem. A man named Jared Abrahams managed to hack the MacBook camera of a classmate without her being aware. The hacker was able to take naked pictures that he subsequently sent to her. The victim quickly realized that she had been photographed without her knowledge for a considerable time.
To do so, Abrahams has managed to disable the green LED that illuminates normally when the camera is activated. So she couldn't know when it is active. It is normally impossible to take such an action, except for the hacker who has found a solution.  

The FBI found on his computer a special software that can remotely control the camera and the green LED. This practice is indeed already used by the FBI and other similar agencies to spy on some suspicious users. This manipulation is of course not available to everyone.
The vulnerability has been explained by two students from Johns Hopkins University in the United States . According to them, it is necessary to change the OS X kernel to successfully disable the LED of the camera. In fact, the vulnerability is not present on the Mac available since 2008. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that a similar method exists on the latest models to date.

Source: The Washington Post

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