Friday, February 1, 2013

The first transparent smartphone!!

While we got sick and tired of rumors about the next iphone or the next galaxy, Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese company and a world leader in glass technology, revealed the first smartphone to be transparent is developed. The company already announced the possibility of marketing the end of 2013.

Unlike previous attempts, it is not only the screen but almost all of the phone that are transparent: battery, circuit ... Only NanoSim and MicroSD cards and some circuits still apparent but it is a very promising start.

first transparent smartphone

Although it is not yet perfect, the tactile part is very small, limited to only a small area on the face of the smartphone. For the moment there was no release information on the capabilities of the device, which raises many questions. However, the concept will enable real developments in the design of smartphones and tablets. It has great potential that designers will be able to use the devices to imagine the future.


  1. It looks promising, but how will you see the display if it's hard to see while indoors? Current displays are hard enough to see outdoors for many phones.

    1. I was just presenting the idea of this transparent phone that has been promised by many leading smartphone pioneers, but never been realized. I didn't talk about the pro and cons.
      But I do agree, on one hand the technology is promising but there isn't much details about it. On the other hand the displays outside would be a challenge. Hell, even seeing the phone and not losing it would be a challenge for some users.