Thursday, March 14, 2013

After Google's decision, what is the alternative for the RSS Reader?

On july 1st, the most popular RSS reader will stop working. Google has decided to cut the service, saying it was used less.What happens there at Google?
Day after day, the company is making announcements that go beyond product launch. After yesterday's announcement of the departure of Andy Rubin, one of the architects of Android, the Mountain View company, has released an info this morning to say the unexpected: the outright stop of Google Reader. 

Image of google reader not available anymore

The RSS reader which inform millions of people around the world, will be permanently closed on July 1st. Without further guidance. It gives little explanation to justify this decision. Two reasons were mentioned on its official blog: Google Reader users number is decreasing and the company need to rationalize its services. 

What is the alternative?

While Google Reader team expressed his "sadness", the followers of this service are put together as shown in the number of reactions on specialized sites and Twitter. Petitions embark on the same canvas in an attempt to put pressure on Google to reconsider its decision. One of them garnered the signatures at an impressive rate, with a number of names which reached more than 30,000 in just a few hours. In addition to these reactions, several companies offer their solution.
Services like Feedly are already offering to  automatically manage the recovery from Google Reader. They hold also to reassure their users: the removal service will not affect Google users to Feedly. Others, such as Old Reader, have decided to adopt an interface "old" that should delight fans of Google Reader. The only problem is, this service is saturated since Google's decision. The design solution is also French, it is called Netvibes. Fortunately, there are a thousand ways to recover for Google RSS Reader.


  1. My subscriptions are a combination of tech blogs and Lebanese blogs.. I am working on to stop relying on google reader for the back end, and I'll use for browsing tech blogs..
    Problem solved for me..

    1. Actually I agree with you, has an awesome selection of lebanese blogs and although techmeme is a great source source for tech news you can't ignore other websites such as techcrunch, mashable, etc..
      And you know every now and then you might stumble upon a great blog that you might wanna subscribe to ..