Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Apple has to say before the launch of Galaxy S4?

Apple has decided to intervene a few hours before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 that run Android.

Android is honored tonight with the presentation of the Galaxy S4.
But Apple wanted to intervene a few hours before the launch through their Marketing Director, Phil Schiller. He severely tackled the Google OS claiming that it does not offer an experience worthy of the name. He believes that there are too many Android devices and this diversity brings many market share in this OS. The marketing director for Apple affirmed that this strategy is not effective because it creates a real confusion in the marketplace. The company does not see the interest to increase the number of terminals. 
Phil Schiller adds in his interview with BeGeek that a person who wishes to buy a Android device must subscribe to multiple accounts. Thus, the iOS experience is much better, because there is only one phone model, operating system, and one way to manage their Smartphone. So Apple wants to focus on quality and not quantity. The  iOS experience is best.
Now let's put all that crap away and focus on this paragraph, for it summarize what really Apple wanted to say.  
Still quoting Phil Schiller : Apple has absolutely no fear of Galaxy S4, it will continue to work and share innovations keeping the same line of quality.  
Comments of the Director of Apple were not picked up by the major stakeholders. Thus, Google and Samsung would not comment on his remarks. 
Finally, all I have to say that regardless of what Apple stated, The iPhone 5 is going to have a serious competitor in a few hours since the Galaxy S4 is going to be launched via a huge event.

Update: The event will be brought to you live by Samsung Mobile on this link :

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