Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Galaxy series are far from being the most secure smartphones!

This is not really new: the security of Samsung smartphones based on Android is not good. And it is clearly not about to be fixed!

Security vulnerabilities seem to multiply on Samsung smartphones based on Android. Evidenced by the testimony of Roberto Paleari, an Italian computer scientist, who explains that the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab GT-P1000, just to name a few, are far from being models of their kind.

Thus, to take a single example, Paleari says that taking remote control of Samsung devices is not a complicated exercise.
"All these faults were caused by specific software or customizations made ​​by Samsung in [Android].
Already at the beginning of the month, we saw hatch on the web videos on how to bypass the lock screen Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II. Since then, Samsung does not seem to have lifted a finger."

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