Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google Glass first apps unveiled

It was at the SXSW Interactive (from 8 to 12 March 2013) that Google has introduced some of the applications that will be included in its famous glasses, Google Glass.

Four applications are already in the pipeline: Evernote, Gmail, Path and the New York Times. 

Evernote is a universal note-taking tool, which works with any web site and includes a voice recorder, etc.  
Gmail is email tool made ​​by Google.
Path, is a social network where you can accept 150 contacts (a kind of anti-Facebook).  
Finally, the application of the New York Times that can show you the latest news.

All of these applications (already available on other platforms), should be completely redesigned to be adapted to the reality glasses.The Verge explains for example that the Gmail application must be reconfigured so that only the most important messages are loaded, the photo of the recipient appears, and it is possible to dictate a particular message without typing anything. Same for Evernote: it is possible to take photos and share them instantly on Skitch, without wasting any time on sub-menus.

The marketing of these glasses should always take place in the course of the year, but the first releases are currently reserved for developers.

For the record, it was reported that "5 Point Cafe", a dive bar in Seattle, has banned Google Glass, even before its release for Privacy concerns, including the fact that the glasses can be used to discretely take video.
The bar outlined its problems with the glasses in a Facebook post here.

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