Saturday, March 23, 2013

Turn any website into a 3D Maze with Google

The new Chrome "Maze" from Google is just amazing. It literally turns any website into a 3D maze, whose handle is none other than your smartphone.
To start the game and drop your productivity at the lowest level, here's how:
Picture of the platform turned into a 3D playground
  • Make sure you have a PC or Mac with the Chrome browser available.Take your smartphone (Android 4.0 or iPhone with Chrome) in hand.
  • Login to / maze on your computer.
  • Click "start" (then "skip intro" if you're in a hurry).
  • Make sure the website address is 6 digits at the end (as
  • Enter the address in your Chrome browser on mobile/ connect with tab sync/ scan a QR bar code.
  • Choose a site as your playground.
  •  Play with your smartphone or with the keyboard (it's easier) and don't forget to eat your dinner.


And voila! WebGL offers a new game canon.

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