Friday, April 12, 2013

One in 10 people is ready to sleep with a robot

A very serious study by the Huffington Post in partnership with You Gov showed that 9% of 1000 respondents would be willing to have sex with a robot, 11% are undecided. Asked about the role of robots in our society in 2030, the panel estimated in 18% of cases that the technology will have this type of relationship.

Sexy female robot
                                             This might be the porn star of the future. 
                                         Until then, this blog is still safe for your children.

The study also tells us that in 31% of cases, sex with a robot would not be considered adultery, while 42% of people say they are "uncertain". This is to reassure fans and robotic marriage.

On another note, the study shows that more than one in two (58%) expect the robot to take care of household chores. Military applications are mentioned in 48% of cases.

So, while waiting for the next generation of robots, I do advise all women to start working harder to attract men.Because, you have some serious competition on the way...

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