Saturday, June 1, 2013

What did Burger King get for its fiftieth birthday!

Burger King has revolutionized the world of hamburger with a handsfree kit called Hands Free Whopper.

Burger King should satisfy all those who do not have time to eat. With the kit, you can now enjoy your burger while continuing your activities on the Internet, in the office, on the subway ... proposed by the fast food concept is fairly simple, you put the hands-free around your neck. The burger fits in the slot provided for this purpose and the height is normally perfect. Your sandwich will be right in front of your mouth, so it is ready to be tasted. You can then perform a second activity while eating.

Hand free wooper

Burger King has decided to invent this product for its 50 years. The conflicting views on the Internet, some find this a stupid accessory, others are very interested and eager to try it. Users also noted that the company is trying by all means to create a buzz for the crowd in its facilities. For the famous hands-free kit, it will go to the island of Puerto Rico, Burger King will only sell this place the Hands Free Whopper.
McDonald's fries and-door

This is not the first time such a handsfree born. The rival of Burger King had proposed a fried-door car. It was distributed in Japan and is easily fixed on the dashboard. You could drive while eating, you can now do the same with a burger. It will be around your neck, it must pay attention to bad jokes. The sandwich could quickly be IN your face.

And finally, there is no better way to display my objection than this scene from "Modern Times" where the Tramp(Charlie Chaplin) tries out an automated lunch feeder, for which the owner of the factory reluctantly agrees to a demonstration, in hopes of cutting the costs of needless "break time".

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