Thursday, August 15, 2013

Microsoft shows you how you're getting scroogled

The Competition is fierce between Google and Microsoft. The latter recently accused his rival of disguising advertisements in emails and sending them directly to the user's inbox. A technique that Microsoft has named Gspam.

Following an update of Gmail users now have a "Promotions" tab to separate the commercial emails from the rest of the electronic correspondence. The idea might seem a bit silly to you, but Microsoft accuses Google of scanning mails from its users, analyzing keywords and then sending advertising messages among the "Promotions".

Microsoft styling this technique "Gspam" and invites users to no longer be "scroogled". Indeed, the role of a mailbox is to filter spam and not to drag some more or less discreetly.

Of course, I can invite you all to leave Gmail and end my post, but it would be pointless and ridiculous since I have no better viable alternative ( Unless you are willing to try self-hosting and take full responsibility for your own security)

However, the only advice I can give you is not to use OUTLOOK, because how could you trust the firm who released windows 8, willingly handed the NSA Skype data, and are shamelessly advertising the Xbox one (a spy in your home).

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