Monday, September 30, 2013

Personalized ads might be coming to Gmail Android

Recently updated, the Gmail application for Android carries signs of the imminent arrival of advertising.

The Android Police website, analyzed the last updated Gmail for Android 4.6. The site was not disappointed, since among the novelties of this version, they came back with clues about the arrival of advertising on the app.

A new library named "ads" - has appeared. In it, a series of XML files evoking multiple ad formats, but also a command that refers to the page of the user's preferences, suggesting that the custom settings (used for targeting) could be part of .

Gmail Android Ads

Even thought Google has already started sending Sponsored mails via Gmail, the service does not appear, for the moment, to include advertising. This situation could change in the future, at least for the Android application, if the company decided to integrate the elements cited above in its APK.

Stay tuned!

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