Thursday, May 23, 2013

Google, Facebook and Twitter violate Kim Dotcom's patent

Kim DotCom announced that Twitter, Facebook, Google and other sites violate one of its patents by using a two-stage identification system. The announcement comes just days after Twitter has implemented this system on its website.

Recently, it had become possible to add another level of security to your Twitter account. In addition to the traditional couple( username / password), the site can use the mobile phone of the user, by sending an SMS to confirm that he is the right person. If this system is new on Twitter, other sites such as Google and Facebook, are already adopting it  for some time. But the inventor, Kim Dotcom, says that the two-stage identification is subject to a patent owned it since 1997.

He has published a link to the patent in question, registered under his name, which describes the use of a "transaction authorization number" that must transmit the user to another device from which it tries to connect. Therefor the patent seems to belong to him, and it is hard to ignore the irony with Kim DotCom being considered a hacker and an enemy of the United States while the people behind Twitter, Google and Facebook are considered the Superheros of this century.

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