Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The next Xbox has already been snubbed by Sony!

It hasn't been unveiled yet and already largely snubbed by Sony: this is the fate of the next Xbox that, according to rumors, it's said to have an AMD Jaguar-based 1.6GHz CPU, and at a retail price of 299$. The new Xbox might be called "Xbox infinity" and not Xbox 720. It will be officially presented by Microsoft tonight at 19h and available for customers around Christmas 2013.

Sony has made its move yesterday by distributing a teaser focusing on the design of the PlayStation 4. As Microsoft prepares to unveil its new Xbox, and some of the games that make up the line-up, Sony cares, Sony and troll.

Besides its seeder disorder video, the manufacturer has not failed to laugh at Microsoft on Twitter, posting the following tweet:

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