Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Test the Google Glasses.... on your phone!

You want to try saying "Ok Glass" and see what happens? It is possible thanks to DEV and Xenologer that developed some applications for it!

For this you just need to download the following applications:

     Home: http://zhuowei.github.io/Xenologer/glasshome-modded.apk
     Camera: http://zhuowei.github.io/Xenologer/glasscamera-modded.apk
     Maps: http://zhuowei.github.io/Xenologer/glassmaps-modded.apk
     Hangouts (only works with Android 4.2 devices) http://zhuowei.github.io/Xenologer/glasshangouts-modded.apk

The Home Glass works as a alternative launcher.

image of google glasses on your phone

Even though, it is limited (just the camera and navigation), the application responds very well to the voice and we cannot but wonder why there are not more applications to trigger the device by voice ... Because it seems to works very well.

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