Saturday, December 22, 2012

5 Awesome Gmail tips and tricks

I'm sure that everyone who's reading this has a Gmail account ( or at least the ones who know what they're doing). It's simply the single decent mail service online and I'm sure you all know this. But what you might not know is that there is plenty of tricks and things to do to enhance you experience.

Here's the most efficient and useful 5 simple tips that you can do:


Search All Emails
Entering search word in Gmail search box will search for all the messages including chat messages, emails in sent, drafts, inbox and all the messages that are archived and labeled.

Searching Emails in Particular Folders
“Searchtext in:foldername” will search for the given text in the specific folder which you specified.  For example, following will search for keyword geek in the Sent Folder.
The platform in:sent

Search Specific Type of Messages
Types of messages in Gmail
  • Starred - messages which are Considered as an important
  • Unread - messages which are unread
  • read - messages which are read
  • chat - Conversation messages
“is:starred”, “is:unread”, “is:read” and “is:chat” will search for the messages that are starred, unread, read and chat messages respectively.
For Example, the following will give you the list of starred messages in Inbox folder.
in:inbox is:starred

Use OR Operator
You can search messages based on either-or condition. For example, following search gives the message which has ramesh as recipient or sender, after 2012/12/01
from:h20 OR to:h20 after:2012/01/01
from:h20 | to:h20 after:2012/12/01
Note: OR is case sensitive and must be in upper case.


You cannot attach an executable file like a normal file.  Gmail will display the error message –  “FILE is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file”.
To overcome this issue, do the following as a sender of the email.
  • Rename the file without an exe extension,
  • Compress it with any compression utility and then attach it.
Now it will get attached, and uploaded successfully. The receiver of the email should uncompress the attachment and rename it again with exe extension.

3 - Add Emphasis to Chat

Gmail's instant messaging Chat function is one of the more basic options around, but there are a few bits of formatting you can use to add nuance to your online communication.
Bold: *The Platform*
Italics: _ The Platform _
Strike: - The Platform -

4 -Gmail Desktop Notifications

Google offers a free Gmail Notifier as a quick download that will alert you with a visual pop-up and audio cue when new mail has arrived, even if you don't have Gmail open in a browser.
It automatically checks for new mail every two minutes, with the icons changing to show unread mail in case you miss the notification. The app is available for both Windows PCs and Macs. It should be noted that downloading this will also make Gmail your default e-mail program, which you might need to consider if you don't want this to be case.

5 - Create Variations of an Email Address

Personally, I find this feature very useful it helps you to organize your mail in a very efficient way and it prevents random news feeds splashing all over your inbox.
You can finally feel comfortable listing your mail in a news feed. You can create multiple gmail variations by adding a word after your name with a plus sign. So,

This alias system then comes into its own if you also set up filters to direct those messages where you want them. For example, they could skip the inbox and be archived, have a label applied, be forwarded to another account, and so on.

To set up a filter, go to "Settings," hit the "Filters" tab, select "Create New Filter" and follow the simple steps from there.

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