Monday, December 17, 2012

Who knew it? Google has a sense of humor

Behind many applications , great applications such as google chrome, Gmail, google maps,adsense etc... and some other not so great applications like picasa and gtalk , and some miserable applications like google videos, google web accelerator (WTF!!!) , google checkout , google desktop(2004-2011) that imposed some serious security issues etc.. Behind all this wrapped in millions of terms policies and conditions, it turned out that google has a sense of humor.

Starting from the oldest here's an article that shows some of google's best gags:

  • Google Gulp:A line of "smart drinks" designed to maximize your surfing efficiency by making you more intelligent, and less thirsty.
  • PigeonRank™ : Google reveal its darkest secrets. April's fool 2002
  • Google Autocompleters: The unknown Soldiers

  • The jargon: Help people navigate through complicated business speak with Jargon-Bot

  • Google Maps for for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment

  • Gmail Tap: A better way to type, a better way to multitask

  • Google Analytics in Real life campaign: there was a series of video released, here's a sample

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