Thursday, January 10, 2013

A dilemma : how to get ideas for my posts

Whether you're a professional blogger writing for the most important blogs on the web or a not so professional who got his application rejected so many times, or just an amateur who just got started; Whether you're young, old, tall, short, clever, dumb, to make a successful blog post you need an idea.

A bunch of them actually, because let's face it: You can get away with bad writing (My case), but you'll never get away with a bad idea.

Bunch of ideas

How to find an idea?

Normally there is three ways to come up with an idea for a new post:
  1. An idea can just pop uninvited into your head, and you will come up with a great post. But, sadly, you can't rely on this all the time.
  2. You can steal from other blogs, and maybe tweak it a little.(if you have a shred of dignity)
  3. You can just search the web for news, ideas, etc... and write about them.
Now since this blog falls under the "tech" category, we're gonna talk about the third point and show you how Google made our lives a lot easier with an amazing API called Google Alerts.

Google Alerts help you monitoring the web for interesting new content. So based on you search query Google will email you the latest relevant results.
So instead of having to do all the search manually, you will receive the latest relevant updates daily, weekly or anytime something new happens that is related to your search query.

Now, I will leave you with some screenshots of the web API. It is very user friendly.

Although this API offers you the possibility to get only the best results, you should be aware that the key to find perfectly matching results, is to build a good search query.

I was going to make a new post about how to build good search queries and how to use google search. But, I found loads of these kinda tutorials over the internet so here's one, That I think is really good : 12 Quick tips to search Google like a pro. And of course you can always seek Google help.

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