Friday, January 4, 2013

What's hot today?

Well, since most of my readers are from the US and there is a huge time span, the post title to you should be what was hot yesterday.

Anyhow, since today I'm too lazy to figure out what to write about and I don't want to just write anything, I decided to spare you some time and bring you the hottest topic in the technology blog sphere today.

And this is a reminder to myself so you can skip it : (today is January 4th)

So here's the top 5 topics/news online for today: 

Asus to release Google TV device
Google has announced that Asus will be unveiling a Google TV product at CES 2013, which will also see several other new manufacturers and apps announcements.

Since yesterday Android SDK isn't an Open Source Software anymore.  Plus in the past few hours, the photo of the first android mascot were all over the web. Take a look :

Happy Birthday from Google

When you open on your birthday you'll be greeted by a customized page, only for you, for your birthday. Sharing all your data finally paid off.

Facebook Adds Voice Messaging
Facebook Adds Voice Messaging To Messenger For iOS and Android, Tests Open Source VoIP In Canada : The voice messaging works well. The interface is responsive, audio quality is decent, voice recordings are delivered quickly, and they're instantly available to listen on the web.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional for $4.10? 
Microsoft going to have a promotion to sell Microsoft Office 2013 at an unbelievable price, just like what it did for Windows 8? If the price for Microsoft Office 2013 Professional which is now going on sale in Singapore is true and not a price error, the most premium edition of Office 2013 available for retail purchase is going for a deal of about $4.10. But this does nothing to me. I mean you can still get Libre Office (source code included for $0.00 and if you are a big spender you can always donate.)

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