Monday, January 14, 2013

Two quick tips!

I'm in a good mood and I really feel like sharing something. And since this isn't my diary, neither my twitter account, I thought why don't I share something with my really good committed (:@) readers. Something, that my readers will actually benefit from.

So, I have two tips, the first should concern anyone, anyone who access the web actually; And the second one, is exclusive to anyone who has a blog, a site or planning on getting one.

1st Tip: Your personal security.

We all know how critical our personal information can be, and yet people still choose to share them anywhere and then blame it on the web.
Well, I'm not saying that it is completely the user's fault. but corporations like Google are really working on privacy. And you also should. After all it's your information.
After this boring introduction, I'm going to talk to you about the security questions that you answer when you register in some sites, in order to get your password in case you forgot it. Well, the thing is, these days, these security questions aren't as secure as you would think. I mean take a look at this example :
How hard would it be for someone to get the answer? As hard as visiting your Facebook page?  making a short conversation with you at the bar? tweeting along with you?

So, what to do?

Actually, there is really nothing big to do, USE SPECIAL C#AR@CT3R$, well not as lame as this, but consider using them. If you don't want to give a fake answer, try to use special characters.
Putting a special character in the middle of your grandmother's name, can save your privacy someday.

What not to do? 

 This is even simpler, just don't really splash your personal information on any site that gives you the white space. Respect your privacy!!
And also don't use md5 or any other broken cryptographic algorithms. This is the first thing a hacker would be trying.

And finally, I'm not saying you can't trust anyone, maybe you can, who knows? But, it really wouldn't hear to act smart from a time to another and this is I'm sure about.



2nd Tip: rel="nofollow", Sometimes you have to use it.

Since this one is dedicated to my fellow bloggers, I will make it short. You don't deserve to be bored. You work so hard.
Rel="No follow"

What is rel="nofollow" and how does it affect your page rank?

It's simply an HTML tag attribute, that tells search engines "Don't follow links on this page".
According to Google's new counting algorithms, five links with the nofollow attribute would take 1 point out of your page rank, instead of 2 points for five links without the no follow method
So, here it is. Just a tiny tip, in case you are involved in any kind of link exchange or anything like that. Make sure that they aren't using the "nofollow" on your links.
And, also we all know how generous you are, but when using links be careful, because you are decreasing your Google page rank.

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